Hello! quiet new to chickens!


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Oct 27, 2012
Devon, England
Hi, I am Kat, I live in South Devon, England, I have just rescued 7 bantam chickens and 2 cocks! They were in a bad way when i got them, but they are improving! they were really muddy and covered in lumps of muck! they seem to be settling in nicely! and will keep you posted! and i will also try to get some pictures on too! I have been reading on here for a while and have picked up some good tips so far, and i thank you all for this!
Welcome to BYC!

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Welcome to the thread. I have just come back to raising chickens this year (I am 38) and have not had chickens since I was a kid. I am loving it, even with the ups and downs. Right now I am having to celar up a respiratory infection in a couple of my older chickens while I have 38 new babies that arrived yesterday in a playpen in my library. I also put some eggs into my new incubator so I can try and see if I can hatch anything. Good luck with your new babies and I look forward to seeing pictures of your new darling.
kat im kay from Derby uk pleased to meet more people from the uk , people on here are lovely and will help with any problems you may face

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