HELLPP!! What color are my peachicks?


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Sep 13, 2014
They look like black shoulders since they are starting to brown out in certain areas...

Might be a white in the mix as well, the bottom left maybe, can't really tell if they are browning out...

And not to sound rude (but concerned) is that cedar chip bedding? If so get that out of there ASAP and use pine or aspen, cedar is toxic!
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Hello! The breeder had all kinds and was not sure what color they would be, lol. They are at least two weeks, so I would say 2-4 weeks old.
Oh crap! I had no idea! Ok, I will check the bedding when we get home and will take better pics.
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Oh crap! I had no idea! Ok, I will get them out ASAP! Thank you!

No problem a lot of people don't know, why the 'pet' industry continues to sell cedar shavings for small animal bedding is beyond me... It might be pleasant to your olfactory glands but it's harmful to most small (and even some larger) critters...

If they insist on selling it the least they could do is put huge warnings on the packaging of it's dangers and toxicity...
Cedar is a natural deterrent for fleas and other pesty bugs. Thats why the pet industry uses cedar shavings.

The fact that it's a natural toxic pesticide that not only deters but kills many bugs and other small critters, IMO, does not justify it's use in the open pet industry as a bedding without bold warnings that it could be lethal or harmful... When I used to sell exotic animals for a living I saw many a lizard, snake, spider or what not parish due to someone without proper knowledge using cedar bedding, I utterly despise it's widespread ill informed use in the pet industry...
Using cedar shaving in open air pens are safe IMO it is when you put them into closed areas or tight pens without alkot of ventalation you are going to have problems, i use them in my pens when i had a flea outbreak.

I do agree that pine shavings or aspin are best for birds and other small animals.

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