HELP! 1/2 of my hens have lumps on their breasts!!


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Jul 26, 2011
Central Indiana
My DH and I were putting the chickens up for the night and we noticed that about 1/2 of them have lumps on their breasts. They SEEM to be acting ok, but I know that chickens don't show weaknesses until its too late. What is wrong with them? Do you think they have some sort of infection? Would it be contagious since 5 or 6 of them have it? What would cause it?

Please help!! I need to know if my flock has some sort of contagious disease and what to do about it!!
You may just be noticing their crop which is located offcenter in the breast area. Some get fuller and more noticable than others. They should go down in size by morning as they process the food that they have gathered throughout the day.
Full crop? Maybe they just ate or drank alot. When it is hot I have some babies that will drink until their crops fill like they are gonna explode. Good luck.
They have never looked like this before.. they are White Rocks.. about 4 years old...

A few days ago, we noticed that their food looked a little "clumpy" like it had been moist, then dried off. Would this food be bad? Should we get rid of it and mix another batch? There is NO MOLD!! I triple checked for that. It contains soybean meal, dried corn (from the screen of a corn dryer - so its the small ground stuff or we buy the cracked corn from the feed store) and oats.
Their fine.. Its probably their crop.. Each and every type of poultry has a crop.. That is where they store their fat.. Incase if anything ever happened their body will be able to eat off of their crop..Dont worry some chickens have it and some dont
Don't panic
. Rest your mind and check them again in the morning before they get anything to eat. I think you'll be very relieved and happy. Most likely, the lumps will be gone..... Until they eat a bunch again and they fill up
. If you want to test it in the morning, just fix them up a nice mash and I promise you, those lumps will mysteriously reappear if they get enough of the mash. Hope this helps and that you can sleep well tonight.
not to make fun, as i know there are varying levels of experience here, and i am inexperienced at plenty of things, too.

however, this reminds me of the post of that gal who was worried about the holes on each side of her chickens' heads
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I get a kick out of mine when they eat a lot of grains.. i love to feel their lumpy round crops/ hahahah my girls also love to have their crops messaged it must feel good all of them just calm down and close their eyes and relax.. maybe I could be a chicken massage therapist

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