Help!!! 1.5 week old chick w/ abscess??? on neck


8 Years
Jun 17, 2011
San Diego
I checked my chicks this morning and one of the frizzle cochins looked dead. It was laying down w/ it's head bent completely under his body to where you couldn't see it..,my first thought was that is somehow broke it's neck. I had to help it up before it even moved and then it stumbled around. I keep checking on it and it seems pretty weak. I just noticed that it's neck seemed really off and picked it up and there's a large lump just above it's breast. It's soft, maybe an abscess??? Has anyone experienced this or have any ideas as what to do?? And one last thing...It's had pasty butt a lot but I thought that was just because of the soft feathers. Could that contribute to something??

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