Help!!! Angel is getting worse.


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Apr 19, 2009
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I posted a topic earlier about fungus growing on Angel's vent. I was trying fungal creme, neosporin, and cortizone creme mixed together. I was seeing some improvement. But it wasn't going away. I then just tried antifungal creme by itself. No change really. I noticed she was losing weight though she is still eating some. I noticed on her soak that she is wet... not shedding water. I looked at her oil gland and see some more of the fungus. Vet is closed today. Am I going to have to put her down. I don't know what to do. I have some of that nu stock stuff, but it looks pretty potent. Does anyone have any suggestions to save my Angel. She also seemed to be making a little wheezing when breathing. (not much, but a little)

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Your problem may be bigger than fungus on her vent. If it's there, it may be inside her as well. You may want to do a search on fungal infection. i know i've seen things on this board on how to treat it.

To treat the exterior fungus, i would suggest a dilute chlorine bleach solution. When i had a newly adopted persian kitten with ringworm i used a 30 parts water to 1 part bleach solution and it cleared it right up. None of the expensive store bought remedies helped. Mix the solution then dab on with a cotton ball.

Where is she sleeping? Is she exposed to moldy hay or food?
Ducks are NOT like chickens. That said, make sure you are feeding her the proper diet including niacin (it is in the game bird crumble you can get it the feed store.)
I am feeding her duck maint. Protein 18%, fat 3%, feber 4.5% A mixture of Corn, Soybean meal, Barley, Wheat, Alfalfa, Fish meal, Dical, Calcium Corbonate, Begetable Oil, Diamond V Yeast, Premix Vitamins, Salt, Lysine, Methionine. A premixed Maint. from the feed store.

I also give my ducks mixed greens, and peas occassionally. I put oyster shell and grit in their pen.

I use pine shavings for bedding and completely change the bedding once a week. Recently got some new brand (they substituted because they were out of the other) that is a little rougher than the soft pine shavings I usually use. My other 5 ducks seem to be fine.
You have to analyze what has happened so far. When did this start? What was her signs "before" the infection?

Was she healthy before.... and now not?

The other ducks.... do they pick on her?

The place you purchased her... do they guarantee health?

These are probably the things that a vet will ask.
She is a two year old runner duck. I hatched her and 4 of my other runners from eggs I got from Metzers almost two years ago. She is in a pen with 5 other runners and one little Gadwall who all appear to be healthy. Two of the runners I got as adults a little over a year ago. The Gadwall is a wild drake, someone found as a duckling and gave to me last year.

Angel has bumblefoot. She has had surgery, but it came back. I soak her often and apply neosporin too it and she wears one of Nettie's shoes all the time on that foot. It keeps it in check. I picked her up after her bath a little over a week ago, turned her over and saw this stuff growing from her vent. She otherwise appeared healthy. Was eating well. The only big change I think is the bedding. I ordered the regular pine shavings and received this lower end bedding, that appeared clean, but is coarser than the previous bedding. I posted a picture and people said possibly yeast I tried Monistat... the brown stuff grew more... so I figured that was probably not it. then someone said try neosporin, bortizone, and foot fungal creme combination. I tried that... seem to be getting better, but doesn't entirely go away. Then she was wet after a bath... feathers were wet.... I noticed the fungus (if that is what it is) by oil gland today. She has lost weight and has been picking at her feathers. Our vet here in town is not familiar with poultry, so I haven't taken her, but talked to her on the phone. I will take her Monday anyway if I can get in.
I will also try the chlorox bath.... I hope it doesn't irritate her skin any more... The poor little girl is suffering enough. I also have the nu stock that someone recommended, but have not used it. I will feed her more yogurt today. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I will try to post more pictures too.
Try acidophilus. This is a probiotic that cannot be overdosed. I put it in the water. The grow gel that you buy when you get chicks or ducks is a probiotic. Also there is a very good fungal liquid at Rural King. It is in the horse section. It is for horses, dog, etc. but we use it. It's pink. It is the same as curechrome from walgreens. I have tried nu stock. It did not work for us on ringworm or fungus. Hopes it works better for you.
If the miracle cream isn't working and it's on her oil gland, it's likely internalized, and you will need an oral medication that goes beyond the scope of homeopathics like yogurt, etc. It's time for a vet visit if that's a possibility for you. Previously, I didn't see that she had bumblefoot. You do know that is caused by a bacterial infection that "hitches a ride" on irritated feet/heels, right? If it has recently recurred, this suggests that something systemic is making her susceptible to infections, both bacterial and fungal. It could be a sub-clinical, continuing infection of the staff that causes the bumblefoot, or it could be something else - hormonal, glandular, or other infectious agent - that has left her susceptible to both the bumblefoot and this latest pathogen. Whichever the case, some blood work is likely in order, as well as Rx meds. IMO, further home treatment is likely to simply prolong the illness.

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