HELP ASAP my chicks are dying


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OK i got 36 chicks from a hatchery on Wednesday and teen of them have died i don't know whats wrong pleas help.
I have a heat lamp on them and they are eating and drinking but they just keep dying I lost 2 more this morning.
It happens sometimes. They may have had a bad trip. Do you have a thermometer in with them, try and keep the temp at 95. What state did they come from and what state are you in? The best thing to do is keep them warm and wait. Most hatcheries have a guarantee for the first so many hours. I would call them now and start your claim with them.
1 did you pick them up or have them shipped from a hatchery? if they were shipped, it is possible they got chilled or shaken up...

2 could you take a picture of their brooder/living area? what kind of bedding are they on? cedar shavings/newspaper could kill them... try pine shavings instead.... do they have enough space? are they getting trampled by each other? is the brooder predator proof? could rats/mice/snakes/etc. be getting in and killing chicks?

3 how warm is it in the brooder? if it is too hot, that could be a problem... if it is too cold, they could be piling on top of each other to keep warm and getting smothered.

4. is the water fresh? did you put anything in it? sometimes too many electrolytes or other things can kill chicks..

5. is the food fresh? does it smell fresh? if it is moldy, that will kill chicks... have you been feeding them anything other than chick starter?

6. who handles the chicks? just you? any children?
the bedding is hay I have them in a big dog crate that is covered up. im the only one handling the chicks, i am using started and was just wondering if just scratch would be bad for them, they have fresh water and the food is fresh.
Only give them chick starter when they are that young. It is made just for what their bodies need.

Sometimes this just happens. You need to call the hatchery... like right now. You're window is about to close to get replacements sent. Usually if you got them on Wed. today at the end of business hours will be your last shot. Just tell them they X died and they will help you get reimbursed.

There is just nothing you can do for a chick that had a bad trip. I have some right now from a hatcher (I got them on Wed.) and two have died, while there is a third just about there himself. I give them water and food. Somethings you just can't fight, and a bad trip from the hatchery is one of them.

Call the hatchery. I bet they will be super nice and give you replacements for free or a refund.
definitely no scratch at this age... Chick Starter has a higher amount of protein than regular Layer Feed, which is what a growing chick body needs... even regular Layer Feed has a much higher protein content than scratch feed (which is just cracked corn and a grain or so usually)...

Edited to say: Chick Starter is usually 18-20% protein, Layer Feed is usually 16% protein, and Scratch is often 6%-9% protein (less than half of what a chick needs to grow)
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do they have pasty butt??

that is where excrement is caked onto their vents and blocks them up. it will need to be gently washed off with warm water. if they do not have that, then it is probably from being shipped.
This is exactly what I was going to ask too. I had to wash off several of my fluffy butts when they were little! Check behinds!
no they did not have pasty butts. thanks to every one you all were a big help i called the hatchery and there sending more chicks. and i will post if i need more help
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