HELP!! Baby Chick: Impacted Crop


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Aug 30, 2021
She died. As expected. But, we cut open her crop and pulled out all the stuff in there. (This is after she is dead.)
It stunk. She must have developed Sour Crop. Anyway, we found scrambled eggs and little black balls. I think they could be mulberry. (She had eaten some of them before.)
I looked at it under the microscope but I could really see what it was. I'm going to take them (Black balls) to a retired science teacher to see what he thinks. It is all very strange.

The chick was one of 6. All were undernourished, all died. 5 died the same way, fine, then upside down on backs, gasping for air. They all died. We thought it was the cold that killed them (It was FREEZING. We even lit a fire! Like, who does that in November?!) they were in a brooder, temp in there was about 32 -33, and 3 died. But the next 2 were in an incubator when they died. We now know that it probably wasn't the cold, maybe for the first lot, who knows for the second.

"Our Dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them." - George Eliot
I’m so sorry to hear that.:hugsazygous is right, it’s not your fault.

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