HELP baby chicks sick & dying !!


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6 Years
Apr 20, 2013
Soo my chicks are about a week old and about two days ago i noticed one of the chicks was acting different. It would just stand there to the point it would just sit barely eat, it was weak it could barley move it had his eyes shut. I dont know what happened he was completely fine one day then go sick the other day then just died :( now i have another chick that has a twisted neck i dont know whats going on i dont want to loose any more soo could someone please help me ???
the rest are doing pretty good. Butbim still worried about the chick with the twisted like neck he now tucks it all the way under his feet and rolls around until he can get back up.
I haven't had this problem but iv'e read some posts on here about Wry Neck. Kinda sounds like what your chicken is doing. Try searching for Wry neck in the search box above. Hope this helps

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