Help!!!!! Baby chicks sick????


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Jun 23, 2016
Got my chicks yesterday morning. All healthy, eating drinking, making chickie messes. This morning went down to clean them up and about half of the 16 are wet and sort of listless. Not sure what's up? Any ideas. Have MHP set up. Put the food closer to it so they could maybe eat, dry off and stay warm. Don't know what to do. Have ever to leave them for 9 hours. Afraid I will come home to dead chicks.

Sounds like they dunked themselves in the waterer. I would suggest putting marbles in it so they can't do it again and your priority should be to get the wet ones dry and warm ASAP. You can actually use a blow dryer on them to get them dry, or just gently dry them with a towel and then get them under the heating pad to warm them back up.
They have nipple waterers. Some were in a corner sitting under the waterer. Silly chicks. I will dry before I leave.
Came home for lunch. They seem fine now. They spread their little baby wings when I dried them off with the hair dryer. What a relief they are all ok!!!!!

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