Help! Bantam cochin doesn't have Marek's. BROKEN LEG!!!

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    Hey, I thought my banty cochin had mareks. Even though she was limping, she would drink and eat and love to limp to see us, even though she was going to get picked on and possibly mounted, recently, by another lower hen. Today, I spent time with her and thought, what if I feel her legs, are they the same, is one deformed, if they are the same, is the joint just wrong....* ps!!!!! The joint in one of her legs is SOO wrong. K so we have been babying her for like 2 months and now I find out she just had a broken leg the WHOLE FREAKING TIME! EHH! We had a coop fire on Christmas Day and we lost 19 friends/pets. She is a baby of our super amazing rooster and blue hen. She is amazing and attentive and loves us....OH MY!!!! We let her have a broken leg THIS long! We lost two of her sisters to Mareks, we think. Random. lethargy with a final seizure. Epic. What do I do? I saw that I should build a sturdy shoe. But what about her "knee"?! It's so wrong! We don't have $100 for another chicken visit to a vet that has no idea how to help. We took one chicken in for bumble foot and besides giving us a numbing agent, he had no idea about chickens. I could have just relied on my youtube and google KEELS.

    HUGE PROBLEM>> SHE's OUR ONLY BABY OF OUR FAVORITE ROOSTER EVER!!! We love her and she actually loves us, please help if you can!

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    I don't think you can do much this far out from the original break. It should have mostly healed by now. How does she act? She will be disabled, and accommodations will need to be made for her.

    Generally Mareks is seen as leg paralysis or the bird becomes uncoordinated. They usually aren't lethargic or from my experiences have seizures, but maybe at the end they do, we always cull before that point, so maybe your other birds didn't have Mareks.

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