Help! Bantam roo seems ill!

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    Sep 22, 2016
    Hi all! My name is Ria. It's my first time raising chickens. We have a bantam couple. Napoleon(rooster) and Josephine(hen). I believe they are almost a year old. Josephine is currently sitting on 8 teeny eggs and has been for almost 3 weeks. Hoping those babies hatch soon[​IMG]

    Poor napoleon though! He has just become very ill and I don't know what is wrong with him. Can someone help?
    He has been pulling his feathers out like crazy. His left breast has a bare red spot and his vent is also very red and raw. Yesterday he had runny pudding like poops. He has been hanging out a lot in the coop with the hen and isn't eating drinking like normal.
    They have been eating an organic feed I got from a local chicken store. Mixture of corn/wheat and other things. I also put lettuce and greens in there frequently and occasionally melon scraps.
    I've checked him over for lice and tonight I will check for mites. Josephine looks like her beautiful self.
    I'm so worried about him! Can someone offer advice?
    Love and clucks,

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