Help!! Boy or Girl??


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Apr 28, 2014
Strafford, NH
I was hoping someone could tell me if this 6 week old chick is a boy or girl. They came from Tractor Supply and they were mixed, so no idea of breed or sex. He/She is a bit aggressive towards the other girls (definitely girls) and I've already taken one Roos out of the mix and put him in his own brooder. He's absolutely a Roos, comb and waddle are really red and he's super aggressive towards the girls and me. This one and the definite Roos tend to fly at each other and try to fight, so I'm thinking this may be a Roos too.
Thanks for the you can tell I'm a newbie and this is the first time with chicks.


Next question that maybe you can help me out with...
Can I put the two cockerels in the same brooder or will they continue to battle? I've taken one out of the hens brooder because he's aggressive.
Excellent, thank you for all the info everyone. I'm going to transfer from the brooder to the coop this weekend, so hopefully everyone will get along well.

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