HELP! broody died eggs are dying


My broody hen has died. Unsure why. Talk about that later.
But its her eggs about 12 of them. They are going cold outside but thankfully its not too cold today. What do i do? My other hen that would go broody does not want to sit on them. What do i do

Heat lamp? Heat?
Bring them inside.
They are due tp hatch tomorrow! Sunday 1st

Please help
D: I know that eggs can survive with human heat I don't know about hatching though. I slept one night with the power out with the eggs on my chest and a pillow over top of them they survived. maybe a damp pillow? not sure you are up to that. :/
Like others have said, I'd definitely try putting them in a small box or bin with a lamp shining in them. If you have a thermometer, put it with the eggs- you want at least 97 farenheir, but closer to 100-101 at the top of the eggs would be better. A little warmer than body temperature. You'll need a lamp with an old style incandescent bulb to throw the heat.

Around the eggs (not touching them) you can add some wet cloths to add humidity.

I've seen other threads where people have had a similar setup be successful. Good luck!

Also, you can search candling eggs if you aren't familiar so you can see what's going on with the chicks.
Hey all thanks for your responses. I brought the eggs in l. With the straw and all. Have a lamp which is very warm on them at the moment. Also have blankets around them. U also heated up a bean bag a bit put it on top of some. Is that okay to do?
Reheat it and get them warm?

Like they are due to hatch

Also i dont have a themometer... what do i do about this?
Also i dont have a themometer... what do i do about this?

Go and buy one or ask neighbours if they have one you could borrow, accurate temperature is very important with hatching and raising chicks. To hot and you could cook your chicks and they die, to cold and they die
There might be ways to do a makeshift one, but that might not be accurate
If possible, I'd recommend buying a thermometer- a cheap one from the pet store ideally, as they tend to be the most accurate. Otherwise, just try to judge- they should feel slightly warmer than your skin, but this is going to be tricky to get right.

I'd think the beanbag is okay toget them warm, then I'd pull it out and just leave the lamp.

Love that you brought the straw and blankets for insulation!

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