Help! Broody? white leghorn


7 Years
Nov 14, 2012
Thanks for this great website! Ihave a 9month old white leghorn that was producing an egg a day for the last 2 months then all of a sudden stopped.. though she was egg bound but i feel nothing unusual near the vent.. i noticed shes ALWAYS on the nest box over another hen's egg.. i shoo her off and retrive the egg(s) but the same every day.. any suggestions?

I think your hen may be broody. Is she aggressive when you remove the eggs? Puffed up and screeches at you?
Thanks for the help.. She makes some funny noises but doesn't peck or become aggressive, I just push her off and take the egg .. She even sleeps in the box at night
That doesn't sound right. If she's not broody she might be egg bound...
I dont know what i'm looking for if she's egg-bound.. she looks ok, I figured she would look sick or something..
i looked some stuff up about how to break the broodiness.. but i dont want any more chicks
i did get my hens (6 of them) for egg laying and she hasnt laid in over a week

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