Help! Bullied Hen!


Jun 10, 2017
Was wondering if anyone had any advice! We have 13 hens (BO's and barred rocks) and one Easter Egger rooster. We let BO hatch out 6 eggs. We kept mom and babies in a crate in the coop for a few weeks, then slowly introduced them back into the flock. All went well except for one barred rock, who tried to take on Mama. They got into it and the roo had to split them up. Ever since, there's been one barred rock that EVERYONE hates. The roo will attack her, the hens will run her off. I can't tell for sure if it's the same barred rock that sparred with Mama. Will a rooster try to run a hen off that posed a threat to the babies? The barred rock is pretty much kicked out of the flock. She's not even allowed in the coop at night. Will separating her for a while help or will she always be ostracized?
Hi and welcome to BYC. That's a tough question. I'd doubt that a rooster would run off a specific hen that he felt was a threat to the chicks. From my experience, they only tend to intervene when trouble between hens begins. You could try posting your question on this forum -
I'd certainly check the victim as thoroughly as possible to check for signs of illness / injury as a flock will try and run off a sick / injured bird from a flock.

Sorry that I can't be of further help.

Best wishes

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