Help, Chick still not breathing ok. UPDATE!!!


10 Years
Sep 24, 2009
NorthEast, In
Yesterday she was acting goosish by sticking out her neck and opening her beak to breath. People suggested it was gapeworm. The vet said she had pnemonia. I'm giving her antibotics twice daily. Yesterday afternoon she was in her nesting box acting the same but then two hours later she was walking around the run acting normal. I did the cotton q-tip down the throat to see if I found red flects (gapeworms) with no luck.

Shoul I still do a dewormer?

She also is loosing feathers on her back. She is red and there is just white fluff left. I also noticed a weird place around her tail area that the feather hole looks black and hard. Is this possible infection??
How old is she? Usually older chickens get gapeworm. She is losing some of her feathers from the stress of being sick. Make sure she has nutritious food and just a few treats and keep her calm and warm and she will get better.

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