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Keely B

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Jun 8, 2017
Hello all-

I have 9 (now 8) chicks that are approximately 10-12 weeks old. I had been slowly introducing them to my current flock of (8) hens, (1) bantam rooster, and (3) ducks after I had an experience with the hens pecking my new chicks. I had separated the chicks an the old flock from each other in the same run with a fence and they've been doing better. They had been together (1) week without any problems.

I got home from work yesterday and one chick was stuck in the fence and they had pecked her wing down to the bone. I cut her out of the fence and rinsed the wound with water. I separated the chicks and the old flock again in the run with a larger, safer fence.

My poor chick looks to be in pain, but she is eating and drinking. She appears to be trying to sleep a lot. She remains standing and she still has mobility of the wing, but does seemed pained if moving it.
The other chicks are protecting her and do keep tabs on her. What else can I do to help her? I've reach a lot of information, but nothing concise. She is a white Brahma chick.

I also found one of Ameracuana chicks dead in the run yesterday after I helped my Brahma. If appeared she had her neck twisted and under her beak pecked a little... Could this be something of the duck or the other chickens? I had this happen with the original flock where one appeared smashed and they pecked it much more. I'm unsure if ducks are also culprits for bullying. I have seen them chase the chicks but nothing too violent.

Please help with any advice on how to rehabilitate my Brahma chick. She is the kindest bird.
Hi @Keely B :frow Welcome To BYC

I'm sorry to hear that you lost one and have another injured.

Do you have some photos of the wing injury? Rinsing flushing the wound is good. If there is an open wound, apply some triple antibiotic ointment or Vetericyn. Sometimes other chicks will peck at a wound if it's red, so keep watch for that. If you see them picking at her, then either separate her or you can apply some Blu-Kote, let it dry then apply your ointment - the bluing is supposed to help disguise wounds/redness.

Offer some poultry vitamins in the water and see that she is staying hydrated. Having an injury can be a shock. Watch to see that she is eating her chick starter/grower well.

I don't know much about ducks, but yes, I believe they can be aggressive/attack chicks just like the hens would do. You may want to also post on the managing your flock thread to ask how to successfully integrate your chicks with a mixed group like you have (photos of your coop, run and fencing will be helpful). Since no one saw what happened to the Ameracuana, we can only guess - but it sounds like she may have gotten her head caught, was attacked and possibly broke her neck in a struggle to get loose.

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