Help! Chicken in my house infested with Mites!!


Oct 28, 2018
Okay so I have had our chickens since spring and have noticed one of our hens was slow, lethargic, watery poop... Finally brought her inside our entryway. She’s been drinking water but not eating. Only pooped 3 times in a day and a half, and it’s very watery. I turned on the light tonight to check on her and there are tiny black bugs everywhere on her! (She is a light Brahma so it’s way to see.) there are tons around her vent area and just everywhere on her feathers. I put on gloves when I was checking her out but now these things are everywhere. Of course I was sitting on my couch all night before I noticed these bugs and now I am randomly seeing them on my arms and such. So I look it up and am so afraid my entire house will be infested! What do I do??!
Permethrin spray concentrate! Gordon's is available at most TSC's and works fine on the birds and in their coop, with no egg withdrawal. For the house, it will work, or anything you are comfortable living with indoors.
Mites and lice are the pits!!!
Fleas? Get you some diatomaceous earth and sprinkle or some dog powder.
Treat your coop and surroundings. Or get a guinea to follow the chicken around who will eat them!

I think they are mites... they are TINY. But I could see them because she is white.
Your cat needs to be away from permethrin spray while it's wet, so out of the coop and run for sure. I spray the chickens when they are roosting at night, so no cat there.
I'd use something else if you are treating in the house! Any insecticide isn't safe to be around when it's wet. Bird mites won't live on cats or humans, but you might need to treat with something. If your cat has Revolution on, she won't have any mites for sure.
They won’t spread to humans but mites are hard to cure and get ride of. Keep your hen quarantined and use spray. After a while if the spray doesn’t work, I have used a chicken with lice.

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