HELP chicken sick/dying!!

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    Sep 17, 2014
    I dont know what wrong her crop turned red she stoped laying she lost alot of pounds she feels like a bag of fethers she is droopy she dosent eat or drink really that much its horrible to look at her she lost alot of color in the comb i dont know what it is please help!!!![​IMG]
    That her right now her name camile i love her with all my heart she is almost 2 years old her sister will be very sad if she d*** please help i dont know what to do she has been like this for almost 2 week it wasnt so bad for 1-7 days but now i really need help!
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    Oct 23, 2014
    Take her to the vet x
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    Feb 14, 2014
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    Can you tempt her to eat treats like scrambled egg/meat scraps etc. She looks like she is going through moult as she is obviously missing a lot of feathers. My red sex link looks similar although amazingly she is still churning out an egg most days. I'm about 4 weeks into it now. She stands on her own hunched up like this but I'm pretty sure it is just a hard moult as several of my other hens the same age are also going through it although they have stopped laying eggs. She is stoically continuing to produce although it is clearly taking it's toll on her, good old Molly! I am giving her extra high protein treats... scrambled egg, natural yoghurt, meal worms, a little ham today. It's not very comfortable for them growing in new feathers, so they feel a bit grumpy. Can you see what look like pins sticking out where the feathers are missing? It might be too soon yet if she has only been like that for 2 weeks.

    Of course I may be wrong and it maybe something more serious, but at this time of year it is not unusual for them to be moulting.... assuming you are in autumn like me. It takes a lot out of them losing and replacing feathers and some take it worse that others, so giving them extra protein will help.


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    So many things it could be, but right now that hen needs to be inside where it's 80-85 degrees ASAP, she also needs warmed fluids and some corn syrup, no food!

    Read this thread, the threads in it and watch all of the videos. Then find a tube and large syringe. Aquarium air line can be used, but will need to be modified to make it safe (not sharp).

    If you can find a tube and syringe I can teach you how to tube either here or on the phone.

    Some anatomy, tube and syringe pictures:







    Remember that a bird must have it's hydration corrected before tubing food, so that means tubing warmed fluids first.



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