Help! Chicken with a bleeding vent!


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A couple of weeks ago I posted on here about my ex-bat hen Patsy who had been laying thin shelled eggs and then eating them. This has continued, only she eats her own eggs the other chickens dont join in and she doesnt eat other chickens' eggs.

Today I notived some blood in the nest box, not a lot but some little spots around on the bedding. I went to check over the girls and found that Patsy has blood coming from her vent. What could this be and how do I deal with it?

Help please!
I recently had a hen with a prolapsed vent. I was thinking instead of prep H hem cream you could clean and put on some antibio cream. The only thing I recall with vent bleeding is cuts from broken egg shell,but that does not sound like her issue. I would up the diet and give antibios to see if she could get back to normal. I have read of some animals bleeding abnormally due to cancer. I am assuming chickens can develop cancer too. Hope it is just a simple straining tear though!!!!
Ok so now I have seperated the hen from the rest of the flock.

I also had a look at her: She is eating and drinking fine and seems no different from normal. I cleaned up her vent and had a proper look at her. I had to compare it to another hen cuz I didnt really know what I was looking for. Compared to a healthy hen her vent is a little swollen and a bit pinker. I don't know if she has prolapsed cuz I don't really kow what that looks like. Can anyone post or link me to a photo of this?

I tried to put my finger up, I don't know how far up a chicken's bum you're meant to be able to get, but I didn't get very far and didn't feel anything up there although there is more blood inside her.

I felt her abdomen and she felt squashy, so I dont think there's an egg stuck inside her.

What else can I do? Is this a prolapse? Help please!!
Thanks Mattemma. When you say anti-bio cream; is there a special type I should use or will savlon be OK? The rescue centre I got her from recommended hemerroid cream.

Also: can I buy anti-biotics from the pet shop. I live in the UK and don't know where to get anti-biotics for animals from.
im srry about this sittuation and unfortunantly im still in middle school and know a little bouyt chickens but i read tht to help the peching on the eggs problem is to put a log in the coop and tht should get her to concentrate on prcking on tht instead of the egg. this particular book says tht tht is from being bored. so maybe u should try to check on her laying times and get out there right when she lays. if u hv a job tht starts early then tht idea is out the windowlol so i hope u find an answer to the bleeding problem lol
good luck

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