Help!!!!!Chickens seems lethargic and wasting!!!!!Help Please!!!

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    Hello All, I have Jersey Giants, Barred Rocks, & Australorp and they all appear to have the same symptoms. By looking at the birds, they all look rather healthy. However when I pick them up, I can feel their frames. They all get clean fresh water daily, layer pellets and scratch feed. I have not noticed any issues with their poop. The only symptom that I have noticed is that they appear to be somewhat lethargic. Also, They have not laid any eggs in more than 2 months. I thought that they were going through a molt because I have noticed more feathers in the coop and run. Please help!!!!!
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    Sounds like moult. If that's the case egg laying usually stops, and they can become lethargic. I suggest you inspect them for lice/mites just in case. I recommend you increase their protein intake to help them with feather growth. It may be awhile before they start laying again.
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    Quote:Right, and only give a little scratch, a handful, as it is low in protein, I think about 8%. People use game bird feed and BOSS for more protein, but you can give just about any protein unless it is very salty or fatty.
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    Sep 7, 2010
    Might be a good time to worm them too, I had one thin lethargic bird just recently, wormed her and she has perked right back up and is putting on some weight.

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