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Mar 27, 2020
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My Coop
I've tried to google search, and browse some old threads on here, but haven't found something that I feel will work for me. I have a spigot access next to my coop (just installed yesterday! woohoo!), and would like to set up a system for automatically filling water, bonus points if it I can have *moving* water. I would like to set up something automatic inside the coop and outside the run. I found the little Giant's automatic watering bucket that would work well outside the coop, but I'm worried about cleanliness and dust for inside the coop. Right now I have 25 chickens, 3 guineas, and 30 meat birds. I spend about a half hour to an hour filling feed and water daily. At this point I feel trapped at my home because I hate to ask anyone to take on these responsibilities for me to get away for the weekend, a week, or even an evening out for dinner. Of course meat birds will be gone in about a month, so that isn't always an issue. Regardless, having the peace of mind that my flock will have water at all times when I am going will be a small blessing. I'm hoping to keep costs below $200 but am open to spending more if it's a really nice system. I also have electric in the coop.
You can do it for not very much cash. If you do the work yourself. The video shows using nipples,,,,,, but the setup can be converted to have a bowl of water,,, that will stay at certain level,,,, and keep filling as water gets consumed. Can be hooked up to multiple drinking bowls. You do need to maintain same level of dispenser bowls as your supply bucket. No electricity involved.
Ask anything you are not sure of,,, and I can explain in detail, and draw sketches of it working.

WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :highfive:
I made a whole plumbing pipe setup with those orange cups- well after about 2 months one started to leak, then another. I capped 2 of the 5 I had off, then the next one started to leak. Basically they just went in line of who could take the most pressure until they failed. If you do a system, I would advise against the orange cups.
I suppose the biggest problem is the potential for freezing in the winter?
I certainly agree,,, but this system gives you about 9 months of automatic water. I'm not sure if Humblehillsfarm wants nipples. I suggest the HORIZONTAL NIPPLES, over the other, vertical type. The cups are a problem waiting to happen, as BaaKaaawk experienced.. During winter. vertical nipples tend to freeze up. Setup can be made winter freeze safe by installing a small water fountain circulating pump. those work submerged in water. The pipe with the nipples would need a return pipe/tubing connected from the far end back into bucket. Also needed,, a heater,, like a stock tank heater with auto thermostat. An aquarium tank heater will also work,, but it is a trial and see,, as to which one will provide enough warmth. There are a number of ways to control temperature of water in the supply bucket. Some of that gets slightly complex with electronically controlled units such as pix below.
Note;; I circled the temperature range unit will control.

The STC1000 is also a versatile controller that can be adapted for use in an incubator.

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