Help confirming breed/gender? Photos included


Aug 25, 2019
My mother and I recently got our very first flock of chicks around 4 months ago so we are still super novice on identifying, guessing sex, etc.. So far we've pretty lucky with our chicks we purchased from cackle (all lived and all were the right sex leaving us with all pullets and one baby roo) welllll, we ended up kind of impulse buying another 2 chicks a little less than a month ago from a local feed store that were supposed to be female Ameraucanas but now arent so sure after some online searches.. I also understand waiting is the best course of action but I am already extremely attached to both the babies so we are really really hoping for 2 pullets.. We just dont really have the set up for more than 1 rooster right now :/

*Also, I feel like they might be slightly smaller than they should be due to having some sort of crop issue when we got them but they are much better now and I'm sure that's different story for a different forum somewhere on here anyways lol.

Thanks for reading.
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We got Dominiques, cochins, and brahmas. After some research I figured they were Easter eggers which is great. The chipmunk looking one was the one I thought might be a roo. Mostly because of the chicks stance and tail. I sure hope it isnt!! Thanks for responding, and I hope you are right! I know at this stage it's a little early to be 100% sure. Thank you.
Did you notice the tail of the white chick? It's so much smaller than the tail of the other chick. What's up with that? Different breed parentage? We are just learning, as I'm sure you can tell!
It just seems strange that the difference between their tails is so extreme! We almost didn't think the white one, named Ping, would really have much of a tail. It didnt really start growing until a week ago at most. Was just two ittle short nubby feathers on each side for a long time.

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