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May 6, 2015
I have a mallard duck egg I've been incubating. It's been going pretty well, but now on its 25th day I realize I'll have to travel (by car) around 2 hours away to stay the weekend for a family reunion. I had completely forgot about it until today. I'll be leaving on its day 25 and coming back on its day 27. It's supposed to hatch day 28. I don't think I'll be able to find anyone who knows enough about incubating an egg to hatch it also (but Nawt as important)I want it to imprint on me since I'll be the one caring for it. So I planned on taking it with me. For the ride there I was going to use a homemade rice bag heat pad and wrap the egg in a paper towel. Then when I get thee I would set up a temporary brooder (a plastic tub) with either an actual heat pad or a heat lamp. But I'm Nawt sure what to do for the ride home because it should have internally pipped by then and I don't know how to go about taking it back. Any suggestions?
I'm not sure if traveling will cause stress on the duckling. Maybe you should leave it home, it will be in lockdown then so you don't have to turn or air the egg.
I don't have an egg incubator, so I'm using a home made one. Do you have any suggestion on keeping the humidity constant?
Yeah, you don't need to do anything for the egg on those days since it should be in lock-down. It'd just be making sure there is enough water in there to keep the humidity up. Like Kroelies suggested, could you get someone to come look in on it once or twice while you're gone and add water if needed? It would not be advisable to take the egg with you, I fear that would be too much temperature and humidity variation. Not to mention all the vibration of being in a car and moved when it should be in a stationary incubator. Best to leave it at home for lock-down.
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Thanks, I'll have my sister check in and add water.
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