HELP!!! Day 26 duck eggs do I need to intervene? PANIC OVER - PICS


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Sep 2, 2010
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Woke up this morning to 4 eggs peeping and each has a small pip at the large end. Humidity is at 75%. But over the last few hours, the pips haven't got any bigger and when I chipped away a bit around the pip the membranes are white. Except for 1 egg which has a small hole through the pip area and it's dark as in no membrane covering there but peeping. Again pip isn't getting any larger. Are they stuck? Is day 26 too early to intervene? I don't want to lose these guys!!! They are Mallard x Rouen Drake. Are they too big for these little mallard eggs? HELP!!!!

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My last batch started pipping and were out of their shells in just a few hours. These ones are making me really nervous.....I'll wait a few more hours and see. Thanks so much for replying.
Humidity is 75 and temp is 99.8. One actually zipped out, but it's still attached to it's yolk sac by a thread so I am keeping him/her in the incubator. It's active and then resting. Peeping away. The other three are still peeping and tapping, but not much more progress on the zipping. I will leave them over night and hopefully take out the hatched one in the morning. It's going to be hard for it to fluff out at 75 humidity, but I have a heat lamp in the brooder and have it up to 90F.

It seems ducks can take 24-48 hours to zip out once they have pipped. So I am being patient and won't intervene unless I am seeing no progress in the morning with the other 3. Originally had 7. One I removed as it was obviously not viable and the other 2 I'm not sure about. They don't look like they have pipped internally yet.

Keeping my fingers crossed.....
Another one is zipping out as I write, but still no progress on the other two, though they are tapping and peeping.....It's day 27. Guess I'll wait and watch those two for a bit longer and then perhaps remove some of the shell around the pips and see if that helps. The first one that hatched last night is doing well, but he keeps lying on the zipping ones egg. They are peeping at each other! So cute!
need PIX!!!!!
If you are only on day 26, why are you opening your incubator to chip away. It can take up to 24 hrs while they absorb their yolk. Just wait. Good luck

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