Help, double pips?


7 Years
Aug 28, 2016
Memphis, TN
Today is day 28 for my Khaki Campbell duck eggs (and day 21 for some chickens). Yesterday morning all six duck eggs pipped. This morning it looks like they have just expanded their pip a tiny tiny bit or double pipped (nothing has changed in the last two hours). Three chickens pipped and hatched last night, and a fourth is currently hatching so I know my humidity and temp. are ok. I know ducks take a lot longer to hatch but I am worried the egg shell is too hard. Their mother lays really tough shells that take a good whack to break open. Should I try to open the pip a little?
IMG_0569 2.jpg
I would give them 6 hours. If they don't make any progress after that, I'd peel a small amount of shell around their pipping spot and wait. If after a few more hours with no progress and they make less noise, then I help.
Ducks commonly will make two or three pips before they get going in full zip. And they can mess around for 40+ hours after the first pip. I'd give them a little more time.

And since you left the turner in, please keep a good watch on them. I've seen babies get injured in the turner.

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