help duck eggs left to me?!!!

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    Apr 24, 2009
    Savannah Georgia
    Another teacher went on sick leave and left me her duck eggs I have never hatched duck eggs before. I candled them this afternoon. Almost all of them have blood viens and movement but they look like they are floating. I saw some heartbeats and some feet moving. I do not know how long they have been in the incubator Maybe 18-21 days. Have know idea. So what do I do Next Hydrometer at 99 with 61 percent humidy. Some one please tell what to do now? This was an emergency sick so I can't talk to her. Her kids are no Help. Thanks Anne
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    May 19, 2009
    Duck eggs usually take about 28 days to hatch, or at least the ones I've hatched. Unless you have an automatic egg turner, turn them an odd number of times daily. As close to day 25 as you can guess, *STOP* turning the eggs. The ducklings are setting up for their birth postion. has an okay picture reference to what you should see during candling. Be cautious with some of their suggestions, though. I'm not going to down the website, but I lost 8 hatchlings in less than 5 days when I tried one of their suggestions.

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