Help! Easter Egger chick might be sick! :(

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    Feb 17, 2014
    I was getting ready to put my chicks into the spare room for the night and my one Easter Egger, who is usually the most curious and friendly seems almost lethargic and not interested in what I'm doing. Usually when I pick up their poo she follows my hand around everywhere scratching where I just put my hand. But she keeps closing her eyes very slowly like she's exhausted. My mom said that if their lower lid closes up more versus both lid closing together equally that can mean they aren't feeling well and that is what it looked like her eyes were doing. I'm just super nervous, only had the chicks for 3 days and don't know what to do for her. Right now she is with me and really wants to perch on my fingers so she seems a bit better at the moment but earlier she seemed to be showing signs of being sick. Her poo doesn't look abnormal. Every once in a while she lifts her head up to the sky and moves her beak like she is trying to swallow a worm or something.

    Are there ways to tell if they are sick?

    What should I do?

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