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Apr 15, 2013
Well I feel like it could be a major emergency. I have six almost ten month old chickens and noticed yesterday that one of them seemed wobbly on her feet and sits down often. Her tail is droopy when she is sitting. She will still peck around a bit and drink some water, but looks depressed. Shes always closing her eyes as if going to sleep but doesn't really fall asleep. I can't tell who lays the eggs but I have a feeling she hasn't been laying for a few days. She is still eating clover and stuff in the yard but doesn't get excited, just walks really slow or just hangs in the coop and lays in on the of the nesting boxes. How do I know if she is egg bound???? Has anyone experienced any of these symptoms from their chickens? I'm sooo worried about her!

Could she just be starting to molt? My chickens haven't molted yet as adults so this is the first that I will be witnessing it and don't know about the attitude changes they exhibit when they do molt.

Thank you for any advice!
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She is a little young for her big molt--that usually happens around 16-18 months old and yearly thereafter, but some are exceptions. To check for egg bound, take a rubber gloved finger that is lubricated, and insert it 1 and 1/2 inches into the ventand gently feel for the egg, and at the same time fell her lower abdomen. If you suspect an egg, put her in a very warm bath for 20 minutes or so. Sometimes the heat will relax them enough to pass it. Calcium 1/2 tab let or a Tums crushed would be good to give if eggbound.

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