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Sep 15, 2016
San Antonio Texas
My young new Dutch Bantam has devoleped these bumps around his eyes. For now he has been active, eating and drinking. I know they have not been there long. What am I dealing with? Thanks.


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Looks like probably fowl pox. You can google it and find lots of pictures. As it progresses the bumps will turn dark and scabby. Dry pox usually runs it's course with no real problems unless the bird is weakened by another health issue. Wet pox is more problematic. Here is a link with some info, there are many other sites with info:
It is a virus transmitted by mosquitos mostly. I live in a very mosquito ridden climate and I use fans placed to blow over my roosts so that at night it makes it harder for the mosquitos to land on them while they are stationary, which cut my incidence down greatly.
Thank you coach723. That was my first thought yet the to other 2 chickens I've had with poxs was more comb and waddle with the black marks. I don't have much experiance so I love and need this form. Thanks again.
I had one this spring with the pox just like yours, only around the eye. Looked awful, but she looks perfectly fine now, and i had no issues with her. Just kept my eye on her to make sure that no eye infection developed. If you happen to see any infection develop in the eye you can use terramycin eye ointment.

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