HELP! Found baby pigeon & not sure what to do


Jul 22, 2016
Hi all,

I've never done this type of thing on forums but really need help. We found what I assume is a baby wood pigeon the weekend in the back lane with a pretty bad gash on its back, feathers everywhere. Not sure if a cat had got it or I've heard parents can attack it if it's fled the nest too early. We really thought it was on its death bed after a couple of days as it wouldn't feed, just drink water. I syringed a really small amount of weetabix & water mix in its beak that afternoon & by the evening prepared for the worst as 'Woodie' (as we named it....urs I know....original) became lethargic, couldn't keep eyes open, head hung to almost the floor. We layed woodie down saying our goodbyes but to our surprise, in the morning he was much more alert. I have done the boiled egg yolk & water in a bag trick but Woodie still wouldn't feed on his own so had to syringe tiny amounts again. From this day, he still doesn't cheep for food & will not take it by himself. I'm giving him about 3 soft peas & sweetcorn at the moment. I have to almost force the food in its mouth for it to swallow (I really don't know if that the right thing to do). He is sleeping standing up at the moment (I assume it's sleeping with its head hung) it was sitting & sleeping Yesterday. Woodie drinks water by himself. Any helpful comments would be much appreciated...but please do not have a go if I am doing something wrong. He would have died if I'd left him where is was & am quite chuffed he's still alive. Thanx


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Aug 29, 2012
Nobody is going to have a go because you are trying to save a bird.

Do you have a photo of it? Perhaps the feeding problem is related to the species so it's worth confirming its a baby wood pigeon.

If it's drinking I wonder if it would be worth adding something to its water, especially since it's also recovering from a wound. Others with more experience will confirm but you can buy something called spark liquid at our pet shop that I wouldn't think could hurt.

I should probably ask how baby is the baby? Photo will answer that but perhaps it's old enough it's moved on to seed rather that syringe feeding and it may peck at some if you put some in there. Drinking water and seed eating are learnt at the same time so if it's doing one maybe it will do the other?

Is there any chance the hanging head could be due to damage in the back wound affecting the neck?
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Oct 24, 2009
Well done for rescuing this pigeon. Can you post a photo so we can see what kind of pigeon it is?

The head hanging down while the bird is standing does not sound good.

The sleep with their heads up normally. Maybe its too weak to hold its head up?

You said its got feathers and its drinking by itself. That usually means they are able to feed themselves too.

Sprinkle seeds and peas on the floor of its cage and see if it starts to eat them.

It needs a lot more food than 3 peas and sweetcorn. Fresh peas are a great food for wood pigeons. Keep popping them down until you feel a buldge in its crop.

If its got a wound you should take it to the vet.. because any wound from a cat will have very nasty bacteria in it, which nearly always kill the bird unless they get antibiotics.

It may be better to take it to a wildlife rescue place if you can as they will have the specialist skills to care for it.

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