Help! Gave my new Hen a bath and now she is breathing really raspy.


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Jul 22, 2016
I got a few new hens and I noticed one had a goopy rear which I was advised to give her a bath. While I did that after I noticed raspy breathing. I did not notice it before hand.i also noticed she is missing a claw, and has alot of broken feathers, and under her vent is really red. Is thia aomething I should be worried about. Im sitting in the bathroom with her drying her off and Im afraid to put her back with my other girls.
Oh sweetie, it sounds like you may have purchased a sick bird. Go ahead and dry her off and let her rest in a warm place for a while. If she looks any better tomorrow, let her out with the other birds you bought.
This is what I've read (not an experiencied chicken keeper, but working my way through Storey's Guide): isolate the ill chicken for a couple of weeks in her own crate w/ food and water. You can put triple antibiotic ointment on the irritated vent. One concern would be a respiratory issue getting to your whole flock - might want to isolate all new hens for a few weeks as a precaution.
Thankyou! I put her in an old dog Kennel outside the chicken pen after drying her off as much as possible. I bought 3 new hens and introduced them sooner than I should have (didn't research it first andjust followed bad advice) the other 2 act and look normal other than a bit neglected from their previous owner. She originally had a goopy rear and I gave her a bath as instructed and after I noticed the raspy breathing as I did not notice it before. Maybe I did something wrong while bathing her? I also noticed she had watery poop. I am having a mini panic attack worried about my other hens as this is my 1st flock and they have done so well and Im a bit more attached than I should be.
Want to say thanks for the advice! The chicken I was worried about is doing so much better! I do have another coughing and snotty nose but my daughters 4H group told me to get antibiotics and we atarted those. Feeling so much better about all this. Made a few mistakes but it's a learning curve, and lessoned learned. My chicks are happy, and just started laying so we are excited!

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