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    I have extraordinarily rocky soil. Trying to dig down 18" or even a foot to put protective fencing for a run in is going to be next to impossible without renting a small backhoe, and then I'll probably break it! Is there any other way of protecting them in a run? Can you lay the wire down and hen cover it over with bedding/sand/whatever, so the only digging required is for the fence posts? This is the only thing that's keeping me from starting to build my coop. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Ann....this is what we fencing is 6 ft when we set it in, we made sure the bottom folded out about 6 inches....then, layed AGLime around the outside, to hold the fencing in place. When the AGLime gets packs in pretty well.....discourageing diggers. Dont know why...but it worked for me! Good luck.
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    Anne.... I also just dug down for my fence post. I went out 18 inches with the wire at the bottom and covered that with the plenty available river rock. Then later i had some quick set concrete and poured that between the rocks and damped it down, this has been covered with dirt (thanks to the girls) and now grass is growing on top of it all.... I think folding out the wire along the bottom a good distance and covering it works fine in most situations...

    Norm in N.CA

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