Help... Going to my first city council meeting!!


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Apr 22, 2013
I am new to the site and in love with it. I and my family live in Sioux Rapids, Iowa and I am going in front of our city council to ask permission to have hens. We are in city limits so it is not normally allowed. We have 3.4 acres of land and a small out building already on our land that is perfect for chickens. Does anyone have any advice? I am so nervous, we want chickens for pets so bad! The land was once not in city limits, but now is considered city. Any advice on how to ask permission is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
I go tomorrow evening, Wed. May 8th. I will post when I find out what they decide.
I recently went to our meeting for zoning and planning. I was able to fill out a card before the meeting and speak during the open to the floor section of the agenda. Since it wasn't on the agenda, the committee wasn't able to comment. What it did do was get the zoning director to call me to set up a meeting which we recently did. So if yours is like ours it's just a good introduction or starting place but didn't really get anything accomplished (for the time being).
I'm in Glendale, AZ, so meetings could be entirely different everywhere but that was my experience.
I am just asking special permission, so my city council will vote on it at the end of meeting so I will get the result. I know other people in our area(close by but different town) and his city council has allowed it. So wish me luck! :)
Good luck! Like I said, that was just my experience - I'm glad you get to actually walk away with an answer!

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