Help! Hatching problems!


6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
I am a first time hatcher. My 8-year-old daughter wanted chickens and I decided it would be wonderful to do it. So...purchased a mini incubator and fertilized eggs from My Pet Chicken. Followed all instructions exactly. 7 eggs in the incubator. On day 18 noticed one egg oozing a little (a large brown egg). Took it out and cracked it open--membrane was intact but plane white, no blood vessels--pierced it and smelly green stuff spilled out. Two days later, same thing with the other large brown egg. Took it out, cracked it, exact same thing. Rest of the eggs looked fine so we left them in. Day 21, nothing. Day 22 nothing. Early on day 23 my daughter and I took 1 egg out (a small white egg) and gently cracked it. Shell came away very easily but blood vesseled membrane fully in tact and there was a tiny tear with beak sticking out but no crack was on the outer egg. Gently pulled the membrane off. A fully formed but dead chick was inside. Looked totally fine except for the belly which was red and pink with no feathers and kind of gelatinous and swollen and soft. The chick looked perfect otherwise. There are 4 eggs left in the incubator and my daughter doesn't want me to take them out. The 4 eggs left are all small white ones. I'm guessing that they will be fully formed dead chicks also. So sad. What happened? Not enough humidity as egg shel was easily removed and not sticking to the membrane on the formed chick? Or bacteria entered and killed the chicks, hence the squishy, bloody belly? Please help!! Lyn

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