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    Feb 15, 2009
    so... one of my eggs piped this morning and after many hours with no progress i followed the directions on the how to help page chipping small bits of shell away from the pip spot but once i could see into the egg i saw he is wraped on some sort of membrane that has veins in it i put the egg back into the bator to let him do his job but ... is this normal also the membrane just under the shell is very very dry i had several temp spikes during my incubation i am leaving him alone for now to see if he can make it out the rest of the way by himself ... does this mean he hasent finished absorbing the yolk?
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    What day are you on? Was temps spot on or low? They can hatch as late as day 24 and be just fine.

    Please wait till day 22 or at least 24 hrs after pip to even try to think about helping. Too many stories of help that resulted in dead bled out chicks every spring. Also you want to stop opening the bator. Tie those hands behind your back from day 18-22. They need the humidity to be high.

    If you saw veins, it has at least 24 hrs left before it will adsorb up all the yolk and blood in those veins to be ready to come out.

    Pip to hatch can be anywhere between 6-48 hrs. So no need to fret. Just make sure humidity is about 70%. If you peel off shell, that is a good way to dry them out too soon, not something you want.

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