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One of my girls is just sitting around. She finds a spot and just stays there. I thought she was just tired because she laid two days in a row for the first time. She is a small Silver Spangled Hamburg. She was find until she laid yesterday. After she laid she just started sitting around.

I did follow her this morning to look at her poop and I also found a weird poop in the coop but I don't know which one dropped it.

Here are some icky pictures but I really need to know what I should do.

She has never been given any meds for worms or anything. We only give our girls organic feed and never any antibiotics. They do get ACV in their water every day.
This is the one she just dropped a few minutes ago.

And here is what I found in the coop.

Can anyone tell me what I should do? PLEASE!!!!!
I'd like in on the answers to this one as one of my hens is doing the exact same thing. Her poos even look the same. She's just gotten progressively slower until today, she's just sitting around moping and not eating. I just put FF out today for the flock. None of the others seems to be affected.
Can they get parasites or worms while free ranging? I've had them 3 months now so I really don't think it coccidyosis. We can't afford a vet so it's either treat her here or put her down.
Can someone please help with this!!! Now her comb is all stiff and bent over. And I just found this one in the sand box where she was laying. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!! I love my Penny!

Wish I could help, but this thread is not seeming to have answers. I getting ready to see if mine is still among the living and if she is I'm going to get the crust off, bathe her fanny, and maybe even do a digital check for an impacted egg (s). I'm not as attached to her as the others, but if I'm going to raise them then I'm going to take care of them the best I can.
I would start them on Sulfadimethoxine. It will help with coccidiosis and Enteritis. Although the stool looks like it shed intestinal lining. Since she has other symptoms, it must be some illness.

Any new birds lately? How old are these birds? When and where did you get them?
For me, I have 6 week old chicks but they aren't sick or are any other of the chick's. I did a digital and didn't feel anything. I have been giving her Gator Ade with a dropper and I mixed Greek yogurt with a splash of my liquid vitamin and Gator Ade. She seemed to like both. So we'll see in the am. I may try to give her more before roost.
No new birds, my girls are free range birds. I got them from I didn't get them any vaccines when I got them. They arrived a day old. My Penny is 7 months old and just started laying about a week ago.

I looked at the poop chart and it looked like she may have coccidiocis. So I blended up some water with garlic and apple cider vinegar and gave that to her. I got some oregano oil from the health food store and gave her a few drops of that. I also gave her some yogurt. I separated her from the rest of the girls and cleaned out the coop really well, emptied the sand box, and changed the bedding in the nesting box.

I then prayed over her and asked Jesus to heal her. She actually looks a lot better already.

She's still pooping weird slimy poops and her comb is still stiff and laying to one side but she's up and eating and drinking just fine. Before I prayed over her she wasn't moving at all. Not at all! She was just laying there and wouldn't do anything. But now, praise be to God she's looking a lot better.

I also gave my other chickens the same treatment and prayer and they are all doing fine. They all laid an egg today except for Penny but she had already laid two days in a row so I didn't expect her to lay today anyway.

So "grampsjim" I hope this helps you. I used organic garlic and organic apple cider vinegar. The oregano oil is also organic but it was expensive, 30$ for a tiny dropper bottle. But I love my girls so I didn't mind it. You have to mix it with something to coat their stomach because I guess it's pretty harsh on it's own. I pray your bird gets well also.
Even 7 month old pullets can get coccidiosis, and garlic is not going to help them. Amprollium, the ingredient in Corid and Ampromed from your feed store is not an antibiotic, but a thiamine antagonist that will treat cocci. You should start this as soon as possible, because when they stop drinking water, it can be too late. Dosage of Corid is 2 tsp liquid (or 1.5 tsp of powder ) per gallon of water for 5-7 days. After finishing treatment give some vitamins and probiotics or buttermilk for a couple of days. I would stop the ACV now because it will just irritate the bowel more.
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Thx, Couture Family. Dot seems a little better today. I'm thinking that she was severely dehydrated. The Gator Ade has helped replenish. Her waddles and comb are not as pale and crusty. She went out for a little while this morning but got tired easily. I will give her more tonight. I'm also not seeing the runny stools either. So ,we'll see...

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