Help! Hen pecking herself *PICS* - slightly graphic

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Help Fern!

I'm trying to figure out what's wrong. I didn't see any mites when I checked her, but cleaned out the coop and spread DE just in case. I took her and put a warm wash cloth on her, and then put on some Neosporin. Does anyone know why she's doing this to herself? And what can I do to help? Thanks.

The injury looks all shiny from the Neosporin.



I don't know what is causing her to do this, but am wondering if you have a roo? Could he be causing some irritation? Maybe she is picking at some wound or scratch.

I hope someone else will chime in. Anyone?

Good luck.
Have you seen anything on her skin like small moving specks? Do you have a roo because that looks like a roo removed patch on her back.

I would just keep the neosporin on it and if she continues to pick at it, put some blu-kote on it. Great antispectic qualities and they normally will not pick at it. If she sees red or blood, she will naturally pick at it.
No, I hope I don't have a Roo! But if any of my girls are a roo, she's actually the one I'd suspect.
There's just Fern and 2 other girls. I didn't see anything moving on her, but I'll keep checking her the next few days. Hopefully the Neosporin will help her. I may give this blu-kote stuff a try as well. Thanks!
Are you certain that she it the one doing this? It looks like a roo has been over mating her to me, like Cetawin suggested. This could easily be rectified, if this is the problem, by getting or making a chicken saddle for her to protect her back when she's mated. Farmer Kitty has patterns in his sig line for saddles.
Okay! You posted while I was typing!

If it's not mites and not a roo, she could have a protein deficiency. Try giving her extra protein by adding slivers of meat or throwing her some black oiled sunflower seeds every day and see if that helps. Meanwhile, you could try putting a saddle on her so she will stop picking at herself.
Also, what are their living conditions? This sometimes happens with overcrowding and/or boredom. It's been going on for awhile, as you can see some of the feathers growing back in. If you're in a situation where they can be freeranged for part of the day, this could help.
I'll try adding some protein. I can't free range them, because I have some untrustworthy dogs.
But I only have 3 girls, and they have a little over 30 ft. of range room plus the coop. But I could definitely add more treats and things to peck at. Maybe that will help?

Thanks for everyone's input!

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