Help! Hen setting for first time, 3 out of 7 hatched and diied!!!

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    Jul 19, 2009
    Our hen, Dottie, is setting, and this is her hatching weekend. So far, she has hatched 3 babies and they have all died! It seems like she removed them from her nest. Is this normal? I found the third one minutes after she hatched, and there was no sign of life at all.

    Thursday, the eggs were very wet after a bad storm, and we think she was off her nest for at least 12 hours before we fixed the problem. Could this be a factor? What can be done now?

    We are anxiously awaiting the next 4 babies, hope they come out fine.
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    oh, i'm really sorry about the chicks.

    that could be the factor, you have to make sure that the place she is sitting her eggs is safe from rain or sunshine. that can't be acceptable to have the eggs under rain. that very cool water and air will kill the chicks. but other reason could also reasonable, maybe there are predator or even she stepped on the chick and kill them. you must watch over her to know the real factor why your chicks dead.

    good luck with the remaining and remember, watch she and her eggs closely and keep them from water,rain or sunshine.

    and firstly should be, [​IMG]

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