Help! - Hen sprawled out can't pick up her head


9 Years
Nov 15, 2010
San Diego
My 6 mo. old SLW was fine yesterday morning, then yesterday afternoon started carrying herself low & moving slowly and sitting a lot. At night she didn't get on the roost just sat on the floor of the coop. This morning she was all sprawled out, other chickens walking over her, can't pick up her head. She's inside now, and taking drops of water. She's pooping. I don't know if she's egg bound/tired/dehydrated or sick & dying!
My suggestion would to give her some sugar water and some vitamin drops. Is she eating at all? Does her crop feel hard?

Try and feel around her vent for anything that might indicate that shes eggbound. If so get her into a warm tub of water and let her soak for a little bit and that should help her.

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