HELP!! Hens with Swollen eyes & bubbly foam


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Mar 7, 2010
I have 14 hens alltogether, i have given duramyacin in their water for 14 days only progress was respiratory symptoms went away but 3 of them still had swollen eyes.....called local vet they told me to give all the hens tylan 50 .5cc once day for 3 days.......the 3 hens still have swollen eyes with bubbly foam coming out of the corner one hen's eye is extremely swollen.....they all act normal, eating & drinking like usual just they have the swollen eyes. I called the local vet back after the round of tylan & they basically told me they didn't know what else to suggest! I am at a loss
oh forgot to mention that i have cleaned out coop, waterers & feed buckets with 50/50 bleach water twice. Please if someone can give me any suggestions on what to do........i don't want to risk loosing my whole flock! Thanks!

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Mar 7, 2010
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I'm probably of no help.. because I have the other problem. I have used Sulmet for a few weeks. Some of the hens were ill, then they cleared up and the other ones got sick. All using the same antibiotic at the same time.

Tomorrow I am moving on to Tylan 200. I have no ideas, I figure you can change antibiotics and see if it helps.

I just lost a 4 month old chick who had been fine while the others got ill.

There are sure a lot of posts about respiratory infections.


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Apr 11, 2008
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Your best bet is to cull one and send it in for a necropsy. If its a virus, there is no point throwing antibiotics at it. Or find a vet that will take samples from a live chicken. You would want to find out what bacteria it is, and what antibiotics actually treat that bug.

This website has some good info:
the infectious bronchitis and other viruses sound likely.

Good luck with your flock.


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Nov 20, 2008
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Tylan 50 .5cc once a day will take longer than you thought. I gave mine 1cc, twice a day for 4days, and wash their eyes with Saline washer to they could open their eyes and be able to eat and drink. Works for me

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