HELP!!!, How DO I RAISE Texas Blue Scale and California Valley Quails?


5 Years
Aug 12, 2014
OH CRAP! what did i do? Raising these quails is out of my league...

I'm waiting on my Purina Game Starter now. In the mean while what should i feed them?

I was successful hatching them, but I fed them chicken medicated starter feed and 1 died. SHAME SHAME SHAME... stupid me.

I currently have 5 left.

Can I do a 1:1 chicken egg yolk and 18% Poultry Egg Maker crumbles? Any thoughts?
Well, no reason to panic. You've already owned up to the feed mistake so you're getting on the right track there.

How old are they at this time?

I don't know this for sure, but I'm told blue scale are really susceptible to enteritis and need to be treated once a month with bacitracin in their water. I don't know what part of the country you are in either, but if it's getting cool already like it is here, and your brooder is outdoors, you might want to up the heat. I was just speaking to a blue scale keeper the other day because I was hoping to pick up a few and he told me they are not very good at being cold hardy. You might also consider picking up some save-a-chick and probiotic if you find they aren't doing well. Keep them warm and with plenty of fresh water and the feed. I'm assuming you ordered Startena?
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You need to give them a probiotic. Valley quail must have it for digestion, when born in the wild they first consume their parents feces in order to obtain the proper probiotics. Since they can't eat any of their parents poo you'll have to supply the probiotic. Probios is an avian probiotic but human probiotic capsules will work in a pinch.
Found both. thank you.

If you guys have anymore tips, please let me know.
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