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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by caymusjordan, Oct 11, 2019.

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    Two weeks sure does feel like forever when you're giving meds twice a day, I've been there as well. So glad you were able to make it easy and fun for your duck and hopefully he made a full recovery :)
    I sure lost a bit of trust when we had to give liquid meds to our girl and worked hard to gain it back once she was better (thank goodness for tomatoes and peas!).
    Just hang on to that handy little piller, our duck had stopped eating for a while and even her favorite treats wouldn't work. Good to have and hopefully you never need it :)
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    Have you found a solution for giving Chips her medication easier?

    I also use grape tomatoes. I have a special method of cutting them to make them into a tomato pill pocket. As long as my duck is well enough to eat they gobble up their "tomato medicine" and the only challenge is to keep the other ducks from eating it.

    If they aren't well enough to eat I squat and hold them with my knees/thighs. I hold their head with one hand and poke their medicine down the side of their throat as quickly as possible. (I always trim my nails first) They don't like it, but it is just one moment of their day and may save their life.

    I had an avian vet tech once tell me to lubricate tablets with edible oil, like olive or flax, to help it slide down easier. So I dab a small drop on the end of the tablet first.
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    Good suggestion!
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    I usually just spit on them (when giving pills to dogs):gig
    But, yeah, some lube definitely helps.
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