Help I don't know what to do


6 Years
Mar 5, 2016
Charlotte Court House, VA
I have a white cob hen. She has what looks to be a horrible prolapse in hind end area. Its very red and some blood.
It is size of baseball. What do I do?
Tried to post picture from my phone but it didn't work.
Hi! Sorry, this might be a little late, but I figured I'd answer anyway.

She should definitely be separated from the flock, as otherwise she will likely get pecked and have an even higher risk of infection. You want to make sure that the tissue outside the body is clean and then the goal is to reduce the swelling so you can push it back in. You can clean it with saline solution, warm water, or Vetricyn if you have it, and preparation H can be applied to reduce the swelling. If you need to, you can gently push the tissue back inside. She should then be allowed to heal away from the flock, and she will need to be monitored because hens who have prolapsed before are very likely to have it happen again. Here are some more detailed articles about prolapse.

I hope your hen gets better soon, and good luck!

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