Help! I don't know what's wrong!!

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    This is Pretty Girl...she is not looking very pretty right now...I went out yesterday to clean the coop, put some pine shavings down, you know, general cleaning and maintenance on the coop, and she looked like this. I had not been able to get out to the coop for 2 days due to having to help my parents with health related issues so this is the first I had seen of her. She was fine 2 days ago..She has one tail feather left..[​IMG]

    Here she is from the front: [​IMG]

    and here she is from the side: [​IMG]
    I do not know what the white stuff is and she won't let me catch her to see it really up close... Here is a picture of her in all her glory (when she looked better!! lol):

    Pay no attention to the cloudiness of her eye. Her eyes are and have always been clear. It's a reflection. If anyone knows what's wrong with her, please let me know!! I don't want to lose her and if it's contagious, I need to figure out a way to isolate her from the other 4 chickens. Thank you!
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    1d3, [​IMG], everything is OK. She is molting. That 'white stuff' on her neck is the sheaths of the pin feathers that are coming in. As the feathers mature it will slough off, and she will once again become beautiful.
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    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] SOUR!! I should have talked to you first!! When will I learn??? [​IMG] Thank you! I have been so worried about Pretty Girl. I was afraid she was going to die..and that would be extremely upsetting to me and Mini because we are attached like crazy to her and the other chickies. Now I feel like an idiot... [​IMG]
  4. sourland

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    Understand this, she may blow all her feathers at once - looking like a little porcupine. You'll have to knit her a sweater if that happens. [​IMG]
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    I have a question abotu molting! My chicken, Dandelion, is a buff orp and she is loosing feathers around her comb and a few other feathers. She is 9 months old. Could she be molting?
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    Ok, Sour...have you been talking to my mother????? She said I need to have someone knit Pretty Girl a sweater if she loses all her feathers... and don't give me that Great minds think alike line either!!! [​IMG] I sent her a pic of a chicken in a little crocheted hat and asked her to make 5 of them for me and she REFUSED!!!! Said she couldn't make them that small...Personally I think she just didn't want to crochet them... [​IMG]

    Chicks Galore 3: As you can tell by my posting this thread, I have no idea what chickens look like when molting...Hopefully Sour or someone as equally all knowing about such things will see your post and answer. I thought my poor chickie was dying... [​IMG]
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    Hey chicken jumpers are very useful!
    My Mum made 2 from a jersey type material scarf. She cut it in half, cut a hole for the head and made a velcro strap so you didn't have to put it over the chicken's head. Then a few more bits of velcro to join the back and stomach bits together behind the wings. We found material better than knitting as the others pecked her feathers out to start with so they would have gone crazy on a wool thread.
    They are purple and very fetching, and they wash brilliantly!!
    I am open to orders. I may as well keep the old biddy busy. It stops her nagging me.
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    suebgbr - I would LOVE to see photos!
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