HELP! I have a chick and a question...


10 Years
Jan 17, 2010
I have my first chick. Surprise, a day early. Most of the others have pipped, but I have a question: He keeps bashing into and moving the other eggs around. Should I be worried that they will get upended and have problems getting out? Sorry, I have never hatched anything before...
I feel like a 3 year old with my stool parked next to the bator hee hee.
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Thanks for asking that...Mine are hatching today also,
as we talk...and my first one has the other eggs
everywhere in the bator...good luck to you..
Congrats Ktown, keep me updated. My DH thinks I am nuts because I am bird crazy. I have chickens and parrots. I have hand fed several tiny parrots but never one of these birds that is so mobile when they hatch. Really totally different. Good Luck with your babies!!
I don't know how to put the pics on here. Cindiloohoo can you explain? I am computer stupid.
The Chickens' Maid :

Actually, I think his activity actually helps the other chicks!


Yes, it does get the others to come out a bit faster. I like to pretend they are like, "You just keep pushing... yeah, it will pop open... in a minute!... yeah, just keep it up... yeah, it is nice out here... hurry up!" And the one on the inside is like, "Hello?... How do I get out?... So, I just push my beak against this wall?... How much longer before I'm out?... Am I doing this right?... Do you like it out there? Cause I'm tired and maybe I'll just stay in here."

lol. I need another hobby.​
It makes me feel good to know I am not the only chickencrazy person! My parrotlets are chirping at the chick and he is answering. Too funny.

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