Help I have a sick chicken

Honey and Opal

9 Years
Mar 8, 2010
Honey--our Rhode Island Red 1 year old chicken is struggling to breath. She sticks her neck out like she is gulping for air. She is not making any sounds. I carried her over to the food and water, and so far I do not think she has eaten or drank water today. It is so sad--I am scared. I want to intervene, and not sure what I can do. Any one out there with some guidance? Please send soon. Thanks.
Have you felt her crop? Do you think it could be impacted?

Have you done a search on here? Does her behavior resemble what is called wry neck-- a vitamin deficiency?

Here's a link with pics and advice.
Our Chicken Honey just passed away. It was so fast--did not exhibit any distress until this morning. When it happened she was being aided by a neighbor who has raised 200 chickens growing up on a farm. She did a quick exam and said she could not really tell what was wrong--other than knowing it was not disease or due to infection. Suspected Honey ate an object that may have punctured her internally. I am sad, certainly did not expect this, she was a great chicken. Healthy, talkative and sweet. Opal her, companion seems to be fine, active and looking good. I will watch closely. I believe we will bing Honey to rest in the woods nearby our house. Thank you to the person (maplesky7) who posted a reply earlier, I appreciated knowing you were there and your sharing of wisdom.
Thats so sad
So sorry bout ur girl ..

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