help, I have a sick young hen.

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    Jan 3, 2011
    White Rock, BC
    Hi- I posted yesterday as my young Russian Orloff was sick. I now know the problem... alfalfa leaves. She finally passed a ball of alfalfa leaves. I gave her 1.5 cc of olive oil this morning AND a mixture of yogurt, brown bread and maple syrup. I just hold her on my lap and put it into her mouth. She loves the sweet mix and HATES the oil. How often should I feed her the mix and how often and how much oil should I feed her? I have her in a dog crate in my kitchen area to keep warm. The screened crate is good as I can see and hear her and she has activity around her. Otherwise she doesn't move. This afternoon after I run errands I will sponge off her feathers on her neck as they are sticky from force feeding her. Getting her wet should get her moving also. Thanx for your help yesterday as I thought I would lose her. But she is young and fiesty. I was afraid she wouldn't make it thru the nite!!![​IMG]
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    Apr 15, 2009
    If she passed the obstruction she should be good to go. if you want to make sure there is nothing else in her GI system to pass you could do a flush on her. Here is a snippet of info for laxative solutions:

    The following solutions or mixtures are recommended to flush the digestive system of toxic substances, most notably for treating birds exposed to botulism toxins.
    Molasses Solution
    Add one pint of molasses to 5 gallons of water
    Offer the drinking solution free-choice to the affected birds for about four hours. Treat severely affected birds individually if they cannot drink. Return the birds to regular water after the treatment period.
    As a supportive treatment for symptoms resulting from Cryptosporidia infection, often referred to as coronaviral enteritis, use:
    One quart molasses in 20 gallons of water
    Offer this solution free-choice for a period of up to 7-10 days. It is assumed that the molasses replaces certain minerals lost from diarrhea during the course of the infection.
    Epsom Salt Solution
    1 lb Epsom Salt per 15 lb feed
    1 lb Epsom Salt per 5 gallons water for 1 day
    Give the epson salt feed mixture as the sole feed source for a one day period. This feed can be used only if the birds are eating. If the birds are not eating, use the water solution. If the birds are unable to eat or drink by themselves, use individual treatment with:
    1 teaspoon of Epsom Salt in 1 fl oz water
    Place the solution in the crop of the affected bird. This same amount of solution will treat 5-8 quail or one chicken.
    Castor Oil Therapy
    Dose individual birds with .5 oz castor oil.

    I have heard that the molasses solution is particularly effective, although I have never had reason to use it myself.

    Glad to hear your bird is improved. I hope she continues to do so. Good luck.
  3. mirsy09

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    Jan 3, 2011
    White Rock, BC
    :(she has not really improved as she still is lethargic and not well. I think I should continue on with the oil and follow up with the yogurt, honey bread mix. I see she has moved to different spots in the crate.... otherwise she just appears to be sleeping. I still think she has more stuff to pass from her GI tract and crop. I think rest is vital... but she still needs to be fed the mix and oil. I see now that too much of the alfalfa leaves is BAD for them. I have had a few that were a little sluggish and now I realize that they love the alfalfa leaves so much that I need to just feed small amounts. Mind you .... I am getting more eggs and bigger eggs!!! I guess I was too greedy as my customers want eggs+++. Miriam
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    You might want to try feeding her some applesauce. It acts as a mild flush in her digestive system, cleansing her gut flora.
  5. mirsy09

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    Jan 3, 2011
    White Rock, BC
    Applesauce.... that sounds like a good idea. The fiber would be good to push things thru and the sugars would help perk her up. She is still resting and that I think is good. She is no longer twisting her neck/head, still no poops today. I have fed her a couple of times with oil once and twice with the yogurt, syrup and bread mix. Funny.... she did made a loud noise at me when I was in the room. I think she needs rest, fluids, proteins and some sugars. Small amounts frequently. I think if I feed her every 3 hrs as I don't want to exhaust her and yet I want to get some food into her should be adequate until she perks up more. If it wasn't so cold out, I would put her out for some exercise to move things thru. I will just have to go with what seems to both nourish her and not exhaust her. Tomorrow, I will try the applesauce as I don't have any. [​IMG]

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