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Chicken Charlotte

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Jun 7, 2010

I have 6 chickens and I want something fun for them they have got a big cage but they need something else like you no how rats have running weels and stuff i need something like that but for chickens any advise?
i agree with both the previous posters, cabbage I've always heard is a good thing to keep them active and also reduces flock issues like pecking each other.

I have used the dirt and worm pies, or even throwing a handful of meal worms in a big mound of dirt or sand, chickens get a blast of scratching through the stuff and searching out the good stuff, then taking a dust bath afterwards.

I've gotten bored and while playing with my cats outside with a laser light, noticed the chickens would try to chase it as well...XD so I now go out on cloudy days or early mornings sometimes and play chase the light with the chickens.
Bring in some rakings from your yard in a box or throw them kitchen scraps.
Ours shut up for carrot peels
Pull all your weeds and give them a big pile of weeds.

Watermelon, pumpkin (they eat the seeds too), cabbage, a head of broccoli, they love it all.
There is a Happy Hen Treat Ball that you add your greens to and hang it up and there is a bell at the bottom. You can find it online for $5.00.

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