Help!!!! I See Bone!!!!!!!


9 Years
Sep 10, 2010
my pullet was wounded by her sisters! her tail is gone! she's trying to move around. she's coming out of shock. her preening gland is exposed and i see bone. the bleeding has stopped. i'm afraid that she will peck herself. i think she's gonna die. WHAT DO I DO? if she lives will she be able to lay? PLEASE HELP!!!!!
Are you sure it's bone you're seeing? If so, you will most likely need veterinary attention.

If she's been "plucked" & it's raw....clean thoroughly then apply Neosporin ointment (without pain killer). Apply twice daily. You can also use blu-kote (purple stuff) to prevent her pecking it & promote healing. I suggest the clean/neosporin route first.

Good luck & keep us informed!
Actually, the pain killer in Neosporin is fine. What you need to avoid is ointment with any "caine" drug in it, such as benzocaine. cetacaine, anything ending in "caine." The pain killer in Neosporin is a completely different drug. Just read the label.
She died a few hours ago. she was trashing around in her cage. oh well i was expecting a few to die anyway.

thank you all for your posts. you helped a lot emotionally.

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